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Originally Posted by ari-free View Post
Apple is really more about polishing the end user experience than actual innovation. That is something Android still needs to focus on since they've proven they can deliver on the specs and features. For example: making sure everyone gets timely updates, control over carrier bloatware, etc.

Have to agree with these points. Jellybean is on very few devices, and people want updates on a timely basis. I know Google is trying to clean this issue up but this is Android's biggest weakness right now, and the one that the Fanbois always point to as why Iphones are so "superior". Yeah you can always root your device, but you really shouldn't have do to that to get the latest update.

Also manufactueres and carriers do need to cool it with the bloatware, or at least make it possible to uninstall it. Some device makers and carriers have started to do this but it needs to happen across the board.
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