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Originally Posted by novox77 View Post
One of the reasons I will be getting an Infinity is because ASUS goes light on the UI overlay. This means fast updates compared to typical devices. This announcement was expected but is still great news.

And remember, Jelly Bean contains Project Butter. We're going to see very smooth UI interactions with this update.
Yeah, PB&J (B) make for a great combination :P

I do agree that the UI on this thing is very light, comparatively speaking. Seems that at least one company has a mind to do things correctly, huh?

Originally Posted by redheadedguy View Post
That's why I don't plan on unlocking bootloader. I'm DYING . for jelly bean.
Thanks for mentioning this - I was debating on whether I should unlock or not, and if this is a reason to not unlock, I am all for it.

Originally Posted by mafernandes5983 View Post
I'm very happy with my Infinity for this reason too. Going forward, I'll only be getting a nexus smartphone as well. I've had 2 HTCs and 1 Motorola. They both lay it on thick with the UI garbage. Hell, my HTC Rezound just got ICS yesterday, think of how long (if ever) it will be before Jelly Bean comes out for it. I really wish these companies would stick to the hardware and let Google take care of the software.
My Moto BIONIC has a very nice streamlined Blur that runs great on ICS. I know that previous version of Blur were very heavy and resource intensive, but the Blur on the RAZR and BIONIC are a lot more lightweight than before, and made them almost tolerable on a 1.0 GHz clocked CPU running GB. When the ICS leaks came out, I stopped putting alt launchers and running ROMs b/c the Bluer on ICS is much more responsive and smoother than ever before, and I'm one of the unlucky ones that has yet to see an OC - I'm still running at 1.0 GHz on the leaks.

However, other than a mini lag when waking it up, this tablet is infinitely smoother than my phone....

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