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Originally Posted by SUroot View Post
I make my home my cloud, but the data networks are not up to it yet.

I have google music and that works well as it caches the music. I also have PowerAmp, over VPN using my CIFS mounted NAS. It plays music fine, so long as there is a data network signal...
I am slowly adopting the cloud. In many cases, I am not allowed to store files in the clouds, but this is due to various agreements and such. The hardware can handle it and it seems everywhere I go, WiFi is afailable, so access is seldom an issue.

I will likely sell my iPad and purchase an iPad 2. I am happy that the apps and other crap I bought will be easily recovered. Just a simple DL from Apple.

It is interesting that some cloud providers talk about freeing up your HDD by keeping files in the clouds, yet those files also exist on your HDD. Dropbox is a good example of this. I can see it because you might not have net access when you need it the most, so local file storage is always a good idea.

That said, I have had my laptop for a few years and I still have a largely empty HDD. Last time I looked, I had hundreds of gigabytes available and on a laptop that only stores perhaps 100 music files and twenty Word Documents and the only apps installed is Office, I feel confident that I will never need to store files in the cloud.

I do agree with those that think we are essentially being forced into the clouds; the lack of a SD slot suggests that manufacturers believe that we no longer need to store our essential stuff locally. We are being "forced" to use the clouds and I suspect things will progress to a point where one day, everything is in the clouds.

We are being assimilated, slowly and surely.

One thing about Dropbox I find interesting is when you add plugins, use certain addons and web services designed for DB, there is allot one can do that goes beyond simple cloud storage. I find that interesting and highly useful and a good reason for services like Dropbox to exist.
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