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Page 156 of the owners manual:

1. On the Viewfinder screen, touch (A).

2. Touch Panorama.

Note: Zoom and flash are disabled when you’re in this mode.

3. When you’re ready to take the first shot, touch [there is an icon that is on screen, looks like a doughnut] . Directional arrows appear, prompting you to pan left or right in landscape view (or pan up or down in portrait view).

4. As you pan, a guide appears onscreen. Use this to frame the first portion of the scene
you want to capture.

5. Continue moving your phone as smoothly as you can. The camera automatically
captures five consecutive frames.

6. Touch [an icon with an 'X' in it] to stop capturing anytime.

The camera stitches the shots into a single photo.
you may also try resetting the handset and either looking for the photo again or retaking another one.

you have to also make sure you are moving slowly and steadily in the same plane as the image you want to take. if you are really shaky or jerky, the shot will not come out stitched properly.
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