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Like many here, I'm not happy. I did a full drain of my battery and full recharge, turned off all auto updates, screen is only at 50%, talked to my sister for about 45 minutes. Turned the phone on at 10AM, it's now 8:30PM, and it's down to 40%. I have done nothing else on the phone except talk to my sis. Yes. It's 10.5 hours, but seriously? 60% doing nothing except talking for a bit? Screen time usage 13%. Cell Standby 32%. Voice calls 23%. When I first got this phone the battery life rocked. Then 3 weeks later, it's in the crapper. WTF? It was measuring up to my old SII and I was so stoked! But no more. It's feeling more and more like my SII after Samsung/Google/Sprint cursed it with ICS.

My old SII running gingerbread would hold a charge for 24 hours with me doing all kinds of stuff on it. The ill-fated ICS install ruined that phone, absolutely ruined it! I didn't need to dim the screen, turn off updates, email, text, etc. I received updates all day long while on my work WiFi. I played angry birds non-stop and read my kindle app every night for at least 2 hours and lost almost no battery.

I've heard of juice defender, but also heard that it used a huge amount of battery to run. I guess if it helps find out what is going on it's okay long enough to use it for research.

I'm frustrated. And no, it's still not worth it to get an iPhone, I already know the battery life in those is going to blow.

Okay, that being said, what is the best tool I can use to really find out what is causing the drain? Is juice defender the best? I want to remove whatever it is that suddenly took my battery for a ride.
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