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Originally Posted by jacksonista View Post
Like many here, I'm not happy. I did a full drain of my battery and full recharge, turned off all auto updates, screen is only at 50%, talked to my sister for about 45 minutes. Turned the phone on at 10AM, it's now 8:30PM, and it's down to 40%. I have done nothing else on the phone except talk to my sis. Yes. It's 10.5 hours, but seriously? 60% doing nothing except talking for a bit? Screen time usage 13%. Cell Standby 32%. Voice calls 23%. When I first got this phone the battery life rocked. Then 3 weeks later, it's in the crapper. WTF? It was measuring up to my old SII and I was so stoked! But no more. It's feeling more and more like my SII after Samsung/Google/Sprint cursed it with ICS.
That's better than mine. On a typical school day, I take my phone off the charger at 8am and am out the door by 9, at which point I'm down to 90%. One hour train right later, I arrive at school with 80%. Just on web browsing alone. That's basically the only thing I CAN do because I'm afraid doing anything more intensive will kill the battery even further. By 2 or 3, its down to 40% or less from more web browsing in between classes (data off in class).

Oh yes, and I just lost 4% of my battery just from typing this post.
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