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Originally Posted by cwhatever View Post
funny how some fads come and go and others repeat. like bell bottoms in the 60's to 70's and then kinda came back for kids in the early 2000's and they thought the invented it. LOL. just like movies, they can't think of hardly any new ones so they are doing remakes with different actors and new effects, but same old movie, or the change it around instead of comming up with something new.
I use to wear Navy jeans. As I recall, they were bells. Or slightly belled, I forget. One store in SLC sold them and everyone seemed to wear them.

And they were something like $4.00 or so per pair.

I also has plain bell bottoms and blue/white platform shoes. Please do not lose respect for me, but I swear, (I am now truly ashamed) I also occasionally wore a leisure suit. Kind of a light pink color. I was the bees knees.

I seem to recall looking like a young Mr. Furley from "Three's Company."

And the phrase "bees knees" is also gone. No, wait . . . I just brought it back. Hip, boss, rad, bitchin, gnarley, totally tubular, . . . are these still being used or am I just too bloody old? I rather like hip and boss and there was a time my car was rad and my bike was gnarley and when I got over the leisure suit, I was probably somewhat hip and in some circles, boss.

Now I am alive and that's good enough for me.
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