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Originally Posted by jefboyardee View Post
So did you pick it apart point by point and look to see how accurate the video is? I think you should have because I see a few problems. It is on YT so it is either wrong or inaccurate or one sided or perhaps even true to some degree.

You should also check out the video poster. He definitely has an ax to grind and I'll not say against who, but he can make a fortune selling apple wood for smoking fish.

And he is wearing a Google shirt, if that means something.

He also say things like "and here is another thing I believe is a lie . . . I do not know if I believe Apple . . .I highly believe this is the truth . . ." He says "I believe there are others (cells) that are thinner..."

Everything he calls a lie he cannot prove is a lie. He just offers guesses and opinions. This is not proof the keynote is filled with lies; it is just out there to paint Apple a liar.

He did say that Apple should have used a Micro USB connector because it is standard rather than the new connector many are hating. So let me ask, can Apple use a Micro USB connector? Is it possible? Not sure how many pins Apple's iDevices require? If so, I'll thank the person offering a technical description because I do not know.

EDIT: I took a look and there seems to be 30 pins on the iPad connector and 5 pins on the MicroUSB. So can the MUSB connector be used with iDevices? I do not think they could/can.
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