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Originally Posted by chanchan05 View Post
As for Apple's innovations. I miss Steve. Tim Cook seems to be just slapping Retina Screens everywhere with little other innovation IMO. IF they fall into the same trap Nokia did with Symbian (got to complacent and thus innovation stagnated allowing iOS and Android to throw it down), they are going to fall. They need to catch up on a lot of things, and now with Windows 8 Pro on the tablet market, I am not sure even the iPad can hold its large lead for long.
I think many people are asking if Apple can survive without Steve Jobs. No matter how good Cook is, he is not Steve Jobs. Let's hope he does not try to be Steve Jobs.

I'll bet many inside Apple are wondering the same thing. Will Apple fanatics and employes come to think of Cook as Jobs version 2.0 or John Sculley.

I am on the proverbial fence. I think Jobs was very special and I have not seen the love for Cook that SJ enjoyed. I think the power behind Apple is dead and I worry that the new leader will be an also ran.

Cook might be smart, but he can harm Apple if he makes mistakes. Apple has the cash to survive a bad CEO and Apple has a way of releasing new products that change the game, so perhaps I am worried for no reason.

For all I/we know, Apple will take a new direction and release something we did not see coming.

Or, Apple might not have anything new up its sleeve and for the next few years, all we will see is an iPad 4; an iPhone 5s/6/6s and perhaps a OD Green iPod Nano. Perhaps iOS 6 and 6.82a or 7.03b and nothing new and exciting.

Windows 8 is still new. Actually it is not available yet, just the Preview which will likely change many times before it is released. I do not see upgrading and that UI does not do it for me. It is as ugly as a boiled dragon.

And I do not want addons that give me the start button. Does MS sees it as a mobile device OS? With Surface set to drop, I hope MS is lucky. No guarantees it will surface, so to speak.
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