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Originally Posted by xman95 View Post
Actually, mathematically, you would be the sucker if you sign a 2yr contract for a subsidized phone. Let's calculate. $200 contract phone + $70/mo for 24 months = $1,880. Or no contract $370 phone + $40/mo for 24 months = $1,330. That's $550 in the pocket over the course of 2yrs, enough to buy another phone if you would like. Moreover, the $70/mo plan won't have unlimited voice mins. This is as cheap as it comes with these contract carriers. Most plans on 2yr contracts run over $100/mo with unlimited everything (although we know data is no longer unlimited). So the savings could be as high another $30/mo for 24 months or $720. Add that to the $550 and now we are talking....
Flawed math. You don't just get $40(and Boost may be getting rid of shrinkage and $40 monthly plans anyway, thats the rumor) a month and you don't get to upgrade for as cheap as if you sign a contract. My original point was you might as well sign with a contract carrier and get a better phone the SIII vs. the SII. The math is close but you aren't getting as good of phone, saving much, and if you are are its minimal by upgrading 2 to 3 times every couple years. You know its true. Why fight it. And when WiMax gets bumped for LTE and the newest technology comes around then what?

The bottom line is that you only really save by upgrading cheaply and/or stick with your existing phone and shrinkage plan. The $370 SII or $500+ Iphone thats been sitting on the shelf for over a year deflates the purpose of saving money and you are getting old technology that you may likely want to upgrade from in a year. I don't care I'm just giving my opinion of how Boost takes advantage of suckers who upgrade all the time.
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