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Originally Posted by LEVERage View Post
And their phone bill is also almost $100 (if not more than $100) a month.

I don't plan on "upgrading" phones every 6 months. The only real reason I bought the S2 was because the Warp was such an unreliable piece of garbage and ended up dying on me.

The S2 will do anything that the S3 will. The only apps that wouldn't work are OS based and that's very few anyway.
Thats a good plan. $40 a month is great and about half what you pay elsewhere but I was just pointing out something. They love it when you pay $200-$370 every year for a new phone, You think you are saving but in the end you buy out their old stock, a year old technology they can't sell and in the end add that $200-$370 phone upgrade you did to your bill. For me I'm going to wait for the Warp Sequent reviews and decide on buying it. I already spent $180 on my Warp last January, so in less then a year they got me reconsidering and my phone works just fine. I'll probably wait until the verdict is in on the Sequent and wait for the price to drop. I don't even get 4G in my areas(neither do you) so why get a SII? I was just trying to point out that Boost loves suckers who buy their old Sprint stock and upgrade. If you upgrade are you really saving money vs. a contract phone(and by spending an extra $370 you could have gotten an SIII) instead of buying old technology? If you don't get that whatever I'm moving on.
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