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It's unfortunate Sprint won't allow me to "add a phone" to a plan with data. That's what's making Sprint so expensive, perhaps prohibitively so, for us. My current plan (it's an old one) was... I don't know... $40/mo. for 1000 anytime minutes? Added a phone for $10/mo. and text for me for $5/mo. If they'd let me add a (non-data) phone to the $80/mo. Everything Data plan, it'd be a damn sight more palatable.

Or: With my trusty old Palm Centro I can add data for $50/mo. Why can't I do that for a new phone? Why make it difficult for me, Sprint?

Were it not for my out-in-the-wilderness coverage concerns: I could do one data phone and one non-data phone on T-Mobile for nearly half what that would cost me on Sprint. I could do two data phones for $100: which is 2/3 what the same would cost me on Sprint--and with better data network performance. (Note: These are Costo prices. Something which is apparently not available for Sprint, tho the other three all are. What's up with that, Sprint?)

If we decide to move either me or the both of us to smart phones, we may just move to TMO, after all, and buy a pre-paid phone on VZW for those rare occasions when we might be out of TMO's coverage area.

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