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Originally Posted by OutofDate1980 View Post
Their Chant? "1 Nation for a new Holocaust!" phase has been used twice, any source to provide support. We have the KKK in the US, doesn't mean it has broad support.
My source is Walid Shoebat. I'm not going to link you to him because I don't want to send traffic to his channel.
Memri TV was his source. They translate Arabic media broadcasts into English.

Shoebat and Memri are very biased Zionists and I often take shots at picking apart their BS.But once in a while they do show something worth looking into.
I don't really trust their translations because of their bias. In this case it was obvious they are making a true claim because the video shows a banner that looks to be over 50' long
That says "one Nation for new Holocaust" in English. I'm a skeptic and wicked good with video manipulation so I downloaded the video and examined it to make sure it was not fake.
Wasn't hard it was shot with a low quality cam, most likely a phone.
I cropped sections from the video and enlargered them until it was completely pixelated and looked for a seam in the pixelation that would give away pasting multiple layers. I also tweaked the light values with avisynth script and looked for inconsistentcies. The vid is authentic so I feel safe assuming the audio translation is accurate on this one.
The video was shot in a soccer stadium with thousands chanting. Whether it was during a game or at a rally of some kind is unclear. Since then the phrase is also popping up in Jihad videos.
Here is a youtube link from an other guy who upped it. YouTube - "ONE NATION FOR NEW HOLOCAUST" ANTI-SEMITIC BANNER & CHANTS AT SOCCER GAME IN EGYPT like I said I won't give Shoebat traffic.
In the vid it looks like its getting dark real fast like its time elapsed.That is the camera adjusting its self to compensate for the brightness of the light at center focus.

It is ignorant to keep trying to minmize this crap and I wish liberals would get a clue. There is no comparison to be made here withe the KKK. This is not a fringe. In the Arab Spring countries this is what's filling the power vacuum.

This is not a case of fanatics Hijacking a religion, they are practicing the Koran to the letter. Islam was a barbaric belief that came about in Barbaric times. Stop blaming this on radicals, Islam is the real problem.
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