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Sorry but your assertion that Islam is being hijacked by fanatics for political purpose is niaveat best and shows an ignorance born of not being able to look past your own political views.

If you are muslim you can not cherry pick what parts of the Koran you want to follow. Its either the word of God or it is not. If you believe its not are you really a muslim? No! If it is the word of god given to guide you we are back to cherry picking. If you believe it is the word of god you must accept the entire work not just what you like.

What we keep hearing reffered to as a fringe minority are actually following the Koran not hijacking it. Their point about moderates being bad muslims is a true statement because if you don't take the Koran literally what are you left with? Your not really a muslim.

The same exact arguement can be made of the Bible. The fact Christians are not doing this kind of crap anymore has nothing to do with them evolving as a religion. Their was an enlightenment where many people turned against theocratic rule and founded secular democracies where people have freedom of religion but a seperation between religion and state to ensure the freedom of all beliefs and the rule by none
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