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Originally Posted by PH8AL View Post
What part of Right of Conquest do you not get. The. Fact you don't like it doesn't change the facts. They didn't steal anything or expel any one. Under Right of Conquest which was the accepted rule of war at that time those were no longer Arab lands. But hell what do I know, being half Native American gives me absolutely zero perspective on this.

You never hear me saying how the Europeans stole our lands you do hear me
chastise my own people for living in the past.

Not attacking you personally but the antisemetic view you hold pisses me off.

The only reason Arabs hate Jews is because of their bullshit rubbish backward medievil religion.
I'm antisemetic? oh dear.

Anyway, right now, Israel is colonizing and stealing from the Palestinian territories.

They have not integrated the Occupied Palestinian Territories into their state. They cannot get Israeli healthcare, education, roads, welfare, wages. They are being colonized in the most unjust fashion.
Because much of Israel does not want these Palestinians to continue living there.
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