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Originally Posted by TheBigKahuna View Post
The Spec was my first Android phone. So I can only compare it to phones of friends and associates. I can also only comment on things I've experienced or noticed myself. Screen looks very good, but fingerprints up way too easily. I'm not very pleased with the touch screen sensitivity. Data speeds are very good IF you can get a signal and stay connected to it. I can't. The principal part of this PHONE, the phone, is OK, but very from from the best I've used. Voice quality is horrible. I rarely make a call when the person on the other end doesn't complain that they can't hear or understand me. Never had this issue with ANY previous phone.
I have read about the call quality issue. Some claim it's excellent, others claim it's horrible. It seems that due to the speaker placement you have to be holding the phone against your face or else the noise cancellation cancels your voice. I'm hoping the people who are claiming the call quality is bad are just not positioning it correctly against their faces. Of course I don't have the phone yet but I will be checking the call quality first thing when I get it because if it really doesn't work well as a phone first and foremost, I can't use it. My Droid X was tempermental as far as the position when talking in the handset. I couldn' t hear anyone. I hated it until I figured out how to position it and then it was great.
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