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Originally Posted by PH8AL View Post
So now you are talking about teritory they took when they were attacked multiple times by their Neighbors. Once again right of conquest.
Israel has initiated apartheid in the Occupied territories though.

Originally Posted by PH8AL View Post
The position Israel finds its self in has everything to do with outside interference in their own domestic matters.
Oh the irony.

Originally Posted by PH8AL View Post
Not to menion it still comes back to Islam, if they were not muslims the rest of the Arab world would not care at all what happened to them.
Arab is a nationality as such. You'll find Turks or Bosniaks dont or French Maghrebis dont care half as much.
Obviously religion tends to be a uniting factor, however.

Originally Posted by PH8AL View Post
I call it an antisemetic view because you only consider the actions of the Jews to be wrong and basically condone the actions of the Muslims by saying the have a right.
By your definition: A Jew rapes someone. Prosecutor gets Jew convicted. Prosecutor = antisemetic.
Judaism is a dumb religion but really, idgaf.

As for the Muslims, I'ma presume you are referring to Arabs here, and well, I don't condone violence where possible, and I certainly don't appreciate rocket attacks.
I have relations in Israel, so the idea of rockets capable of reaching Tel-Aviv or Ashdod is fairly scary... but yeah.
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