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Originally Posted by dan330 View Post
Tmobile may not be REAL 4G... but who gives a damn about definition!
their fake 4G is faster than sprints Wimax and LTE; and have better coverage!

i am stuck with sprint....
i am in Dallas area.... LTE area.. wimax area... 3G area...
i understand sprints plan.. and hope Network Vision plan is close to what sprint promises. but lets be reasonable with the time line implementation...and hardship for the customers that pay and expect a reasonable service.

ok.. i understand .. during build out.. it can be slow and spotty.
but it started over 1 yr ago with this shitty speeds. 400kbs - 25kbs on 3G
i am lucky to find Wimax.

i think, sprint owes the customers something for waiting. For loyalty.
they new clients that come over get $125 credit to port.
they took away our yearly upgrade discount! the loyal customers get the shaft! and piss poor speeds!

Suggestion to Sprint... they might look into something to show that they understand.. the pains and inconvenience that users have been through.. for so long!
how about a $125 credit for us? or give us another shot at 1yr upgrade.

am I being unreasonable??????
For the most part when I had consistent issues with data speeds during a month period I was able to get credits posted to my bill. Find a number on the web to the retentions department, call, and explain your situation.
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