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Originally Posted by ElasticNinja View Post
To an extent, that doesnt make it right.

Things cant remain the same forever, its dangerous.
Again, it's how the system works. If you can pitch a $2 a gallon tax on gas to the public, knock yourself out. If you get enough people to back it, it'll happen. Personally, I think you pitch that in todays economy you will get massive kick back. I may be wrong. Americans are not interested in light rail. We're culturally invested in the automobile. We want cars at the end of the day.

Look at something that's far simpler. For many, many years they've tried to get rid of the dollar bill and replace it with the dollar coin. Logically it makes way too much sense. Coins are cheaper to mint and circulate than paper money. Paper money does not take abuse well and the bill have to retired all the time. Coins tend to last forever. It makes perfect sense. They've tried at least three different dollar coins that I can think of (Susan B Anthony's, Sequoia's and now the coins with the Presidents). None of them have gone into wide spread use people people refuse to use them. Congress has talked of simply discontinuing the production of $1 paper money. Every time this has been proposed it has encountered massive kickback. People want their paper $1 bills, not $1 coins.

Now you want to propose basically replacing automobiles which is going to entail far more upheaval than simply replacing a dollar bill with a dollar coin. Replacing currency is fairly straightforward and takes no time to get used to. Replacing the automobile is a lifestyle and cultural change.
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