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Originally Posted by TheBigKahuna View Post
I try to remember to cup my hand around the bottom of the phone, and create a "tunnel" from my hand to the mic. Sometimes this helps. When I don't do this, I get the "I can't hear a thing you're saying" comment practically every time. Having the mic on the back of the phone is not a great idea.

When I chose the Spec...I went off of a few reviews, and the specs. It looked like it would be one of the faster, more powerful phones on the market at the time, that wasn't $300! It also boasted the 2nd largest display, at that time, without going to one of those Nook sized monstrocities. I looked for one for a few weeks before finally finding one. No one had them, not even Verizon stores. HHGregg was the ONLY store in my area to get them....Best Buy never did...and I was told never would.
Hey big. This is the spectrum appreciation thread; not the "I have a defective phone and need a replacement thread". :-)

I don't think the spectrum has call quality issues. I use mine to run my business and have never had an issue hearing or being heard. I also think the "you need to hold it properly" theory isn't correct either. I use a thick case on my spec which buries the Mic even more and I did some testing one day to see if the person on the other end had problems hearing me while I moved the phone all over the place and they said I sounded good the whole time. I even held the Mic end of the phone over my head while I talked and they heard me fine. I use the speaker phone for basically every call I do and can sit my phone down and walk at least 8ft away and people say I sound fine.
I know you said you've replaced your phone big, so the only thing I can think of is you need to speak up. Put some bass and manliness behind that voice :-P
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