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I love the weight of the Spec, it does a great job holding papers down on my desk so they do not blow away when someone opens the door. I have tried numerous other things for this purpose, including other Android phones and the Spec beats the lighter, cd case, keys, lg ally and evo4g hands down!

I also love the home button, its nice to have my screen real estate taken up by such a spiffy little "window" to the home button with colors that contrast so well against the black.

It does a great job heating your pocket up as the battery winds down, a must have for those early morning trips to the car to scrape the ice off the window - it works great for this as well, both as a hand warmer and window scraper.

People often ask why I carry a spectrum around when I have other, arguably better devices (though none come close for these specific needs) - my best answer would be that having the spectrum around gives me a much greater appreciation for good hardware, hardware that has good build quality, and feels well thought out. Without the spec, who knows I might have gotten tired of my nexus' already

oh yes and you cannot ignore the absolute beauty of the giant VZW logo on the top bezel - CARRIER BRANDING FTW
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