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Originally Posted by saptech View Post
What I mention about having HSR system was not about replacing automobiles, but a way to help the country's economy and create jobs.

The point about raising a gallon of gas to help pay for it and hopefully would encourage people to take alternative transportation. If they don't want to they would still have their cars and pay for higher gas prices, which is going higher and higher and not much of any alternatives.
My argument is that in the vast majority of the country, there are no alternatives. For example, for me to take the bus to work, I'd have to get on at least 3-4 buses by my count and and the route it takes to catch the bus I need to get to work. Some of the stops along the route are only visited once an hour. So if the bus I'm on drops me off at the wrong time I could be waiting up to an hour for the next bus to come by. This is not a practical means to commute across town, but it's all my city has and it's not likely to improve. I would lay odds that the fact that my city actually has a bus route puts it ahead of a whole lot of other towns. The surrounding towns don't have one at all. The nearest towns of any significant size to me are ~1 hour away. None of them have buses. If you put a light rail between here and there, there's no public transportation once you get there. You would be proposing spending a crap ton of money forever to shore up these public transportation systems in these small towns because they are not going to even be close to profitable by themselves.
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