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Default ?

a few concerns

1. its an intel atom processor isnt that a x86 platform
2. That sounds like a nightmare to port to our snapdragons wont
they have different antenna and all new drivers?
3. Htc will always be bad because of sense. phones with the same
hardware bench thousands of points higher because of no
"sense" to bog it down.
4. biggest rom request for HTC phones = NONsense
5. a processor speed and core count don't mean squat core
architecture is what is important. example core i5 beats amd
bulldozer 8 core any day you should really look at floating point
operations and calculations per second
6. And the galaxy s2 4g is only wimax i got lte and hspa+ in my
no wimax
7. Plus thats alot of scratch for a phone i mean thats a new
graphics card for my beast or closer to a new 680GTX
8. and ontop of all of that until i get my hands on a warp seq its all
speculation what i can say about this phone except for the fact
that it has not just ben sitting on the shelves its the first
Americana Intel processor phone be happy and if its really a
x86 that means we can put even more software on it
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