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Originally Posted by Supernero View Post
I am end user and I understand that devs need to earn money, and I appreciate their willingness to keep their apps free, but the fact that my phone is troubled every 5 minutes makes it extremely annoying using this kind of apps.
Don't you agree?
I'm not buying that you're ONLY an end-user for many reasons but we won't get into that here. I just wish this forum wasn't so pro-dev and required full disclosure because it makes it hard to take lots of members here serious when they clearly have ulterior motives to their 'stance' on topics. I grow weary of devs masquerading is simple end users who think they're cleverly stating their hidden agenda like we're all idiots who don't read through the obviousness of their words. I do agree with your statement that pop-up advertisements are annoying but I would also add that they are completely unacceptable and as such I refuse to support devs who use such obtrusive tactics. It doesn't make me want to give them money it makes me want to find out what development group created that app and never use anything they release again. Your stance that we should just pay those who use such crooked methods is comical at best.
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