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Originally Posted by RazorSharp View Post
Definitely agree on letting the Bush tax cuts expire, we need a progressive tax model that would call for those with the highest personal income to be paying the largest share of taxes.

I'd also severely slash the military-industrial complex and pump large amounts of that money into education funding. No idea how Republicans can call themselves a party that cares about the future of our country when they consistently try to slash education spending and teachers' wages.
Well, IMO, the federal government should play a very limited role in education.
It has done some useful things I'm sure, but its not their job and pumping money in isnt necessarily the solution.
Now, mind you, I think college costs should be made multiples more affordable, perhaps the federal government could do something there - but I think the feds overreach as is.

States, not local government, should pay for schools and pay teacher's salaries, as well. It seems ridiculous that city and county governments run schools and pay teachers to me, it creates so much funding differences.
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