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Originally Posted by RazorSharp View Post
I guess I disagree with you. For one thing, U.S. states apply for federal aid in many areas, not just education. States' budgets are often strained; here in Massachusetts, we had to approve opening casinos in order to bring in more money. It's hardly "throwing money at the problem", to paraphrase with a common idiom - it seems only logical that the federal government should definitely be kicking in more money; not only would the reduction of the military be making significant strides forward in terms of peace commitment, the extra funding would work towards raising American education standards, which have fallen by the wayside over the past few decades.
Well if budgets are strained, you borrow if their is a temporary deficit, and raise taxes and cut spending if there is a structural deficit. I would argue that a lot of the spending burden needs to be moved from federal to state governments.

Originally Posted by RazorSharp View Post
Second, I think federal involvement to create uniform standards in education is a good thing; each state doing things separately would lead to disconnect, discord, and inequality. As it is, we're lucky that we only have two major college entrance exams. Each state has different silly little standardized tests that children must take as they advance through primary/elementary and secondary school. It seems like a federal uniform standard would reduce a serious amount of grief from all the states trying to compare and contrast each other, figuring out what is equivalent to what.
Well, states controlling education is natural in a federation.
In Germany education systems are far more varied from state to state, and the federal government is far stronger there (states don't set much tax rates and cant legislate for criminal law), although I guess states internally are more homogeneous, but Germany itself is not (Baden-Württemberg is very different to say, the Freestate of Saxony).
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