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Originally Posted by Supernero View Post
I think you misunderstood me regarding the post I had earlier. I thing we share the same opinion regarding push notifications and ad networks such as airpush. I agree that I am a developer as well, but that has nothing to do with what I wrote that push ads are annoying. I really wrote from an end users view point. If I offended you some how I do apologize but I must tell you I do not have any secret agenda.
Regarding you saying that I have a conflict of interests I completely disagree and I will explain. The fact I am a developer and I do not choose any push notifications ad networks for my apps only demonstrates that what I said was completely true. I choose to monetize my apps in different ways that do not include push notifications and that is because I care about my users.
We may share the same opinion on how annoying they are but that's where the similarities end. You also went on to say that push adverts make you want to pay for them to keep your phone clean. How is that not an agenda when you're a dev and stand to gain from others paying for apps with push adverts to keep their phones clean? Saying these things coupled with not revealing that you're a developer even when you're called out on it sure seems like a hidden agenda to me. Stressing that you're an end user when you're called out on it initially doesn't look like someone who is forthright about his position as a developer. I get so sick of posts by obvious developers stating 'Hey, I just found this wonderful new app you should take a look at' in regards to a discussion forum of users trying to discuss a similar app because it's annoying. Trying to seem like you're just one of us to push your apps or your agenda is deceitful and is rampant on this forum. Your initial post and subsequent post claiming you're simply an 'end user' smacks of that regardless of how you later try to justify it.
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