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Originally Posted by Matthew83 View Post
I know I had wifi issues with the stupid metro easy wifi app. I disabled it and now it works so much better.
I still haven't figured out why Metro insists on putting it on their Android phones. The feature is built into Android so the Metro app is entirely redundant. Which wouldn't be so bad if the Metro app weren't designed to automatically start trying to take over when wifi was activated.

That app is nothing but trouble. No reason for a person to not disable it really. Best case in leaving it, it wastes resources on the phone. Worst case it fights with existing wifi programs or the phone itself for dominance. Best to just kill it.

Really just about all the Metro apps work like that. Which is why the first step for so many people is to kill all the Metro apps they can.

Originally Posted by nizlovelots View Post
i dont want to get stuck with a phone clocked at 1.2ghz
In all honesty, if any problem does end up being a defective phone, don't let this deter you from trading it. The performance difference between 1.5 and 1.2 is purely in benchmarks. People are underclocking to well below that point and not hurting performance. The phone just doesn't tax the processor enough to make a difference. Which is probably why LG originally intended to underclock it. Saves battery life and doesn't effect real world performance at all. All that having the phone set at 1.5 does is give you better benchmark scores.
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