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Originally Posted by rngr9782 View Post
My 4G speeds have been awful for several months all over Boston. I average about 450 kbps down and 565kbps up. I've tested speeds at different locations, times as well as servers. No significant difference.

Does anyone live in the area and use Metro's 4G? If so, could you please post your speeds?

I've updated my prl regularly and it makes no difference at all. Thanks!
South Boston here reporting ^_^

on five different times I got

1.) Ping:151ms, Down:844kbps, Up:511kbps
2.) Ping:155ms, Down:1061kbps, Up:900kbps
3.) Ping:166ms, Down:634kbps, Up:950kbps
4.) Ping:155ms, Down:455kbps, Up:556kbps
5.) Ping:175ms, Down:927kbps, Up:1205kbps

I have pretty much accepted metro not being the fastest with their 4G LTE. In fact, they are probably the slowest 4G LTE network thus far. I mean there are 3G networks, and fake 4G networks that are faster... Kinda sad really... But hey, it's fine for me. For what I do on my cellphone (mostly social networking like google plus, facebook, reddit, etc) with occasional netflix, it has worked for me without issues.

The mediocre 4G LTE speeds did piss me off at one time when I had the Samsung Galaxy Indulge. As that phone overheated, and had poor battery life for crap speeds... When more stable, more usable 3G phones on other networks had faster speeds. The LG Connect is not as bad, has a way better LTE chipset; So I have accepted the crap speeds.
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