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Originally Posted by ElasticNinja View Post
Israel has initiated apartheid in the Occupied territories though.

Oh the irony.

Arab is a nationality as such. You'll find Turks or Bosniaks dont or French Maghrebis dont care half as much.
Obviously religion tends to be a uniting factor, however.

By your definition: A Jew rapes someone. Prosecutor gets Jew convicted. Prosecutor = antisemetic.
Judaism is a dumb religion but really, idgaf.

As for the Muslims, I'ma presume you are referring to Arabs here, and well, I don't condone violence where possible, and I certainly don't appreciate rocket attacks.
I have relations in Israel, so the idea of rockets capable of reaching Tel-Aviv or Ashdod is fairly scary... but yeah.
Oh the Irony? you will find I am not of like mind with many Americans. I believe in military Isolationism. I don't think we have any business preemptively attacking any one or being the world police.
I also don't condone much about the actions of the Israelis but am sick to death of hearing that they don't have a right to their country.
I was in the one instance speaking of people from the Arabian Peninsula and their close relatives across a small river when I said Arabs and was in fact speaking about all muslims in the other instance.

I only personally care for Judaism slightly more than Islam and Christianity because it is actually hard to become a Jew not an open invitation or a threat of force to convert you.
Pushing their Ideology on to every one else all the time is the biggest problem I have with Muslims and Christians.

Sorry if it sounds cold hearted but I think we should stay out of the Business of other countries. For 1 it would solve almost completely the problem with other people wishing us ill and 2 what ever excuse we use to interfere in an other countries business will turn around and bite us in the ass like it always does and opens the door for them to meddle in our country which yeah not going to go well.

Israel is a bit of a special case that we are stuck with like it or not. Just like we are stuck with the messes in several countries right now. When you interfere you own the mess created. We are responsible for what happens in Iraq Afghanistan and Libya and about to muck it up in Syria and own that mess to.
We interfered in Europe almost 70 years ago and are still paying for it today.

Trust me when I say I am not a fan of this sort of foreign policy.
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