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Originally Posted by Evo 5oh View Post
I was thinking about me being president and finding ways to help the economy like ideas all fantasizing of course nothing serious

1. Well we manage to get gaddafi 30 billions frozen why not take a couple billions from there for the favor we doing and a little oil

2. And Japan with all the problems they are having should move those big companies like Toyota I think they are having problems because of all the natural disasters relocate them here in the U.S. so we have more jobs. Sony is also over there right ?

3. Make people start farming corn for some reason is a valuable resource...
I would appoint yes men with bad secrets to all the highest military positions and then stage a military coup.

Then I would send all the members of congress back to their home disricts to be locked in stocks in front of the local court houses so its easier for their constituents to hit them in the head with rotten fruit and feces.

I would have all the lobbyists forced to eat our phony paper money until their intestines burst.

Then I would open a national chain of state owned strip joints where every night is 2 for 1 lap dance night.

That should handle the Government Budget which is the 1st step to leading by example.

At this point I would prolly get bored so I would then turn over control to google because, well, I trust them with everything else, why not?
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