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Originally Posted by acejavelin View Post
LMAO!!! Are you serious!?!?!

The reality is that phones have a marketable life cycle, followed by a service life span, and the Rezound is nearing it's end of marketable life, in fact it has held on for longer than most phones and probably longer than HTC ever imagined, and it's service life (maintenance updates only) is just in starting and will last about another 1.5 to 2 years. No company (HTC, Samsung, Motorola, or whoever) is going to invest time and effort into building, testing, and deploying an operating system for phones that are no longer marketable, likely not even being manufactured anymore, and beginning it's service life cycle.

For example, the ORIGINAL DROID could run Jelly Bean, in fact there are several unofficial ports of it for that device, do you think Motorola should also supply a factory supported ROM for that device just because it is capable of running it?

I would love to eat my words here, but reality says we will never "officially" get Jelly Bean, Key Lime Pie, Lemon Drop, or Marshmallow from HTC/Verizon for the Rezound, no matter how loud you scream for it, a stable Global Mode ICS ROM? Yes, most likely that will be the case.

Cell phones are a business and need to make money... making a new operating system for a "dead" phone doesn't make money, it takes money away but someone not buying a new phone with the latest and greatest. Like it or not, this is a free market and businesses need and want to make money, not give it away.
I have to agree. Rezound is nearing the end of it's marketable life cycle and practical cycle for us (many of us are just waiting for the next great phone to come along) and while I would love JB offically...I would be happy with ICS 4.0.4.
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