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Alright, serious question.
Wife is tired of our massive desk in our undersized bedroom. It houses the desktop, monitor, printer and a ton of unnecessary junk.
Basically, that computer is used to watch Netflix and what not when we're in there and little to nothing else (printing when we need to).
Would like to get a new monitor, perhaps a larger one, wall mount it and either swap out the desk or take off the top part for some extra storage space.
Anyone want to recommend a 20-23" monitor that isn't very expensive? Really don't want to spend more than $200 (I'm cheap for these things). Looks like there's quite a bit out there in that range.
This one is available at my local BestBuy: 3700050048&cmp=%20%20&lid=abn_sku_1_Monitors_SKU_2 976125_TXT&id=1218368603868
Question is, how easy is it to wall mount it?
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