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Originally Posted by syi View Post
I have WiFi in my house but it is at the other end of it. Mind you its not a big house. As we all have become well aware android WiFi antenna aren't exactly powerful or durable. My of evo is so bad I have to put it next to the router. Is there a way to increase performance or speed?
I thought I remembered you saying your phone was your only internet? Isnt that what the rooting trouble was all about?

Anyway, a weak wifi signal isn't going to be solved by any sort of app or anything like that. There is an advanced setting you can use for "best wifi performance"--but its gonna kill your battery.

I would check your router for issues. You shouldn't have to place the phone next to the router for it to get a signal. Even on the OG Evo. Make sure the router and phone are on compatible bands.

I would start there.
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