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Originally Posted by Martimus View Post
Personally, and this is simply my opinion, I do not think it would be prudent to display gender information in member posts. After all this isn't a dating web site where gender roles play a part in the interaction between members. That said I do understand that in the Lounges and in some discussions they can find their way into the conversation. One example that comes to mind is that a growing number of people respond to others with things like "Thanks Man!". Apparently I must be ancient since I only say "Thanks!"...

If something like this were to be implemented I'm thinking that the site owner would probably want it to be completely optional. In other words, someone could indicate "Male", "Female", or nothing at all. And we probably would not want that field to be populated manually from a field in User Control Panel. Otherwise we could end up with people responding with "Often", or "Yes Please", or "Huh?", etc...

If someone needs to make this information known then they currently have options oto do so. If they are a Premium member they can add this information to their custom title. If they aren't a Premium member, or would prefer to not display this in the title field, they could add it to their signature (though it will only be displayed once per page). If I recall correctly, one of our Guides, Baby Blues, added an icon to her signature identifying herself as a "Girl Guide".
I hear and respect your opinion. However, here's some more food for thought;

Every male on this forum (and every other forum or public medium out there) doesn't even think about the replies they get. You see it all the time people refer to you as "dude, guy, man, mate" etc. etc. etc. You see this and you think absolutely nothing of it. It's normal for you to see this.

But for women, we see this all the time too and a lot of us definitely take notice each and every time it happens (I guarantee this happens more than you might think). It's annoying to always be refereed to as something you are not. I'm not saying that all women are bothered by this, because I'm positive there are those out there who just don't mind. I'm one of those people who do mind simply because it happens so much.

I would like the option to choose my gender in the forum preferences, and have it show somewhere on the left side of each of my posts.
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