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Originally Posted by copestag View Post
heard and debunked thoroughly by whom exactly? sorry but their job is not to rely on your opinion of the subject...... they have a responsibility to hear complaints....... and certainly there are enough people in the state rallied behind the complaint to consider it an issue not to overlook

my guess is theres some petition minimum or at least a standards threshold for a complaint in order to make sure they dont have to filter through millions of complaints

I personally could not care less...... not a birther.....but I nor you have any real evidence that suggests they should just be overlooked without consideration

and the court of public opinion....... which includes yours....... has nothing to do whatsoever with the elections board hearing arguments over blocking a candidate

millions of people in this country and many in your state believe your opinion to be completely wrong

why are you so scared of them hearing arguments? if what you say is true... and again... it may well be... then there should be no problem.... after they hear arguments then they will dismiss the complaints

if what they say is true (or for that matter even if it isnt) then you would want to deny them due process?

just ask yourself this 1 simple question..... and if you cant logically come to the conclusion that youre incorrect in this matter.... then theres little hope and good luck

if the elections board's job is not to make decisions about who is eligible, who is breaking campaign laws, hear arguments and investigate complaints about candidates, etc....... then is there any reason to have an elections board at all?

maybe we should just ask for a statewide show of hands and let some guy in an airplane take a rough count and announce a winner....... no need to have any real elections anymore so no need for election boards
It's been debunked thoroughly. Anyone who doesn't think so hasn't spent time looking at the facts or has a political ax to grind. The facts are out there. The birth certificate has already been released. In fact, both birth certificates have been released. The elections board heard the same complaint last week and claimed they needed time to "consider it" (WTF???). Public backlash against the guy who lodged the complaint in the first place made him withdraw it. The one that is before them now is from a lawyer in California who is apparently going around to any state who will listen and most of them aren't since this argument is ridiculous. It's shameful that my state is.
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