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regardless of opinions on the flag..... in this case it should be pretty obvious to everyone that there are no ramifications for the Obama campaign

if you believe what he has done to be a serious problem...... you probably werent going to vote for him with or without the flag...... he hasnt increased your negative opinion in a manner which switched your vote..... on the other hand if it encourages those who have no problem with it to believe hes more patriotic then theres a chance they may vote for him

in this regard hes playing off the exact came sentiment that Romney spoke of in his much maligned video recently released about the 47%

Obama isnt trying to impress the people who arent going to vote for him anyway....... he doesnt care about campaigning to you....... theres no logical reason for him to do anything in his campaign that you like...... you arent going to vote for him anyway

does that mean he doesnt care about you as a citizen.... I dont think it has anything to do with it...... its a campaign.... hes campaigning to people he may have a chance of garnering votes from

as for the flag in general....... as I said..... or at least tried to convey...... this certainly isnt the worst useage we have seen of our flag..... and it carries no legal ramifications

at what point do you say enough is enough..... is it right at the threshold of hypocrisy??

its ok to disrespect our flag in one fashion but not another depending on who is doing it?

its ok to use our flag for some purposes specifically denounced in the law but not others?

if you believe we have to follow the letter of the law in regards to the flag then be prepared to rarely see it....... according to the law there are very strict limits on when/where/how it may be displayed

is there a degree to disrespecting the flag? if one person urinates on it while another simply writs the word "DIE" across the flag is this different? if one person drops it on the ground while another displays it incorrectly is this different? if one person uses the flag without desecrating it as a backdrop to their campaign while another uses an artists rendition with his logo is this different?

next are we going to say you cannot combine the colors red/white/blue together without it being a flag

at what point exactly does patriotism end and disrespect begin?

as I said earlier....... every one of us has disrespected the flag in some fashion at some point.... whats that old saying about sin and stones?
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