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Originally Posted by jekyll919 View Post
Well that came off as a little condescending. I'm honestly a bit offended. Your claim that I "can't shell out enough" for an Evo V was just rude.

I picked the One V BECAUSE it had a smaller screen with similar/better internals (S3 Snapdragons CPU over the S2 in the Triumph). Plus the build quality is vastly superior and I like Sense. Additionally, the Evo V has issues out of the box that I'd rather not deal with. I understand that they can be fixed, and I have the knowledge to fix them, but I already had one phone that was broken out of the box, and I don't want to deal with it again.

In short, the One V fits my needs perfectly, and the fact that you felt the need to try to drag my decision down is really disappointing.
I actually agree. A friend of mine has the EVO 3D (on which the Evo V is based) and in no way would I consider it an upgrade from the Triumph. Both phones have major issues, just in different ways.

The One V is a phone I seriously considered as well, but moved to an iPhone instead. There is more to a phone then just specs, it is important to make the software work well with the hardware, taking the time to optimise. It seems like HTC did this with the One V, not the Evo. I think you made a good choice!

Ultimately, I chose the iPhone because I was sick of not getting OS updates, and HTC wouldn't say if they were planning to update the One V to Jelly Bean, if they would have, they probably would have had another sale.

Also, some people don't want huge screens. The 3.7" on the One V is an ideal sweet spot for many people.
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