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Originally Posted by fyrfyter612 View Post
I noticed when I disable the Facebook for HTC Sense it will not give option to sync calendar and news feed anymore....only contact list. Then when I enabled Facebook for HTC Sense again the options were back again to sync calendar and news feed.
Hmmm.... Just tried it, and they were there until I deleted my Facebook account then re-added it back in, then the Calender was indeed gone (Newsfeed sync shouldn't be relevant unless you use FriendSteam) and I am still v1.9.7, so this is telling me that is has little to do with the actual version of the Facebook app, and more something behind the scenes. Just checked my Calendar app and indeed now all Facebook events, birthdays, and other calendar stuff is gone. Will play around and investigate further and see what I can find out.

EDIT: OK, got it all working, took a few steps and trial and error though:

1) Goto Settings-Accounts&Sync and remove all Facebook accounts
2) Goto Settings-Apps Facebook and Force Stop, Clear Data, then Uninstall Updates
3) Goto Settings-Apps-All and re-enable Facebook for HTC Sense (and FB Chat, not sure if this is necessary)
4) Go to Settings-Apps-All-DNLAMiddleLayer and Force Stop then Clear Data
5) Reboot (Fastboot off, or remove battery after power off and reinsert)
6) Go to Play Store and download latest FB App
7) Go to Settings-Accounts and Sync, and Add Account for Facebook (FB app will open)
8) Log in with your credentials, choosing to sync contacts with at least on option (I used sync to existing contacts only)
9) Allow FB to open and newsfeed to load, then exit
10) Go back to Settings-Accounts&Sync-Facebook and you should see the three Sync services, either in process of synching or complete!

Hope that helps!!!
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