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Default Wait for Note 2 or get Galaxy S3?

Currently I have an iPhone 4 and I can't wait to get off of the Apple bandwagon because I'm sick of how they act as a company and how much they restrict you on a phone you pay for.

I'm trying to figure out whether to just get a Galaxy S3 now or wait for the Note 2. Both seem like great devices to me and I don't know what I should do. The Note series is a bit large, but with that comes a lot of cool features it seems. Is the Note a phone that can fit in your pocket comfortably? It just seems like the Note 2 is going to be the best Samsung has to offer for a while. I don't think an S4 is coming out anytime soon and I'm looking to get a new phone within the next couple of months at the latest. I can sell my iPhone 4 for like $280 right now which will pay for most of the Note 2 and all of what the S3 would cost.

Honestly I am completely happy with the S3, but I just feel like there is something better coming in the next month or two, but I don't know if it will be available for AT&T. If I'm going to lock myself into another two year contract I would at least like to get something that is the most powerful out at the time. I am pretty sure if I call AT&T Enterprise Care they will get me the S3 for probably $99 instead of the $199 that it is going for right now. I've already called and told them their service costs too much when compared to Straight Talk and they waived my $30 unlimited text/mobile to mobile for six months.

I'm sorry that my post is all over the place, but I just threw my thoughts out there as they came to me. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!
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