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If it really is all Verizon's fault, I don't think Moto would take all the heat for it from their customers without mentioning that, at least in a subtle way without stating it so obviously to tick off Verizon. Also, did we ever truly confirm that the ICS update is supposed to push the Bionic to 1.2ghz? I kinda doubt that it was really meant to change one of the hardware specs of the phone and overclock it. I could be wrong though.

Whoever is at fault here, VZW or Moto, needs a lesson in "under-promise and over-deliver". If they had said the Bionic would get ICS by 2013 all along, we'd have no room to complain. No better way to anger customers than keep dangling it in their face by saying it's coming soon. Case in point, the delays shouldn't really even bother me seeing as I am perfectly happy flashing the leaks, and also have a Nexus 7 sitting here with JB. The only reason it does matter to me is because I am still a Bionic customer and I think it's annoying seeing the missed deadlines.
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