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Originally Posted by DDave View Post
Who's running this show? A bunch of politicians??? Promise and then break promises...

All of this is a ploy to delay, delay, delay... by which time most of our contracts will be nearing renewal.... then, since we'll be up for renewal and most of us will renew,,,, THEY will not be on the hook to give us 100.00 bucks for the Jelly Bean thingy...

Yeah, I'm being a smart arse, but ... I still believe the Bionic (and maybe the RAZR) are flawed devices...

BTW, my work phone (Samsung Galaxy) just got the JB update...

Never had a 4g data drop with that one... works great... (battery does drop quickly though)...

Lets just hope ICS will make it to the Bionic...

I'm DDave and I approved this message...
LOL, Dave, in one breath you say "works great" and then you mention lousy battery life. lousy battery life is a deal breaker issue for me. I dont want to worry about my phone needing a mid-day charge. thankfully the bionic can go all day with quite a bit of use.
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