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Originally Posted by DDave View Post
Who's running this show? A bunch of politicians??? Promise and then break promises...

All of this is a ploy to delay, delay, delay... by which time most of our contracts will be nearing renewal.... then, since we'll be up for renewal and most of us will renew,,,, THEY will not be on the hook to give us 100.00 bucks for the Jelly Bean thingy...

Yeah, I'm being a smart arse, but ... I still believe the Bionic (and maybe the RAZR) are flawed devices...

BTW, my work phone (Samsung Galaxy) just got the JB update...

Never had a 4g data drop with that one... works great... (battery does drop quickly though)...

Lets just hope ICS will make it to the Bionic...

I'm DDave and I approved this message...
If it was just the Bionic that has had data problems I would agree with you, however, EVERY 4G phone (at least up until a certain point) has had data drops. I don't think this points to the Bionic being flawed but rather how Verizon has done their network being flawed.

This Is Why Your Verizon Galaxy Nexus (Or Other 4G LTE VZW Phone) Is Losing Its Data Connection

The Nexuses, the Razr's, all of them have had software updates since the Bionic which seems to have cleared up their data issues. Other phones released since then seem to have had the fix built in from the start.

And while we complain (and I among them) that we haven't gotten ICS yet, the Razr which is nearly identical to the Bionic has had issues since they got their ICS.

Droid RAZR & Droid RAZR MAXX ICS Issues Now Two Months Old

I could be wrong, but it seems that our ICS release is somehow tied to the Razr's ICS fix. Something tells me the two will be pushed out at the same time.
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