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the EVO 3D was basically the best wimax phone made.

all the others are a generation older than it or have inferior hardware.

I REALLY doubt anyone is going to manufacturer a new wimax phone just for virgin and the prepaid sector, but stranger things have happened.

I think virgin has a pretty decent phone selection now. two versions of the iPhone, 1 high end 4G phone, lots of mid range phones with variances in screen sizes and keyboards, and some low end phones at barebones prices.

If they do add anything new it will be phones that beef up the mid range phone area.

like weve seen with the One V, the Galaxy Reverb, Kyocera Rise, the chaser and the like 7 other android phones it has now.

I will say it IS good to see phones of all price ranges ship with at least ICS. really helps to put ICS in all sections of the market pretty quick.

what I REALLY want to see is virgin america doing what virgin canada does, where you pay off the cost of the device over time while still prepaid. I'm sure that would convince a LOT more people to buy the iphone

theres no way they would be able to have a version of the iPhone 5 without that kind of plan, or we'd have seen the iphone 5 announced for virgin already.

I'm actually willing to bet that within 6-8 months, virgin will completely change its pricing and payment structures, re-launch with a similar method to virgin canada, and offer the iphone 5 as its first LTE phone.

I mean first of all, the iphone 4 and 4s are years/generations old now and their off contract price still demands upwards of 500 bucks.

the iphone 5 off contract price just scares me. they wouldnt sell it if they force people to buy it as is. there HAS to be some kind of payment structure for it. I just dont really see it being released without that.
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