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Hover feature is cool. One thing I hate with my note right now is that I cant draw due to the pen touching randomly where i never intended. The hover mode seems to have fixed this issue. You can now see a little dot on the screen where the pen is about to touch. You can also preview videos by hovering over the timeline without stopping the video.

Another feature i was really impressed with was one called "best group pic" (might be the name. Might not). This camera feature lets you take a group pic of a couple of friends. It takes multiple pictures in a short time and if somebody ruined the pic by blinking, sneezing, frowning etc you can replace their individual face with one where they were shown at their best. You can essentially fix a ruined picture. For example if 2 friends out of 5 looked good in the first picture while the other 3 looked bad. The next couple of burst shots might show the 3 friends smiling while the original 2 looking awkward etc. With this new feature you can fix it so all five friends look great in the SAME picture
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