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Originally Posted by MaxxFordham View Post
But that noise you're talking about is just noise (it appears to be a loop of a short burst picked somewhere from the sound you had intended to record), but it's not "static." Static is a noise that arises from random frequencies in an analog radio signal where there either is no signal being fed at all (and that's all you hear or/and see [as "snow" on analog TV]), or the signal is weak (and you hear and/or see that blended with the signal you're looking for).

As far as I (and my Graduate level Digital Signal Processing text) know, there is no formal definition of "[radio] static". The most literal definition of a static noise would be "a noise that doesn't change" (WRT the input signal or time, depending on context). We usually talk about White Noise interference processes when talking about static, but that doesn't mean it's incorrect to refer to other effects as "static". Taking the "doesn't change with time/signal" definition of "static", what the OP is talking about is most definitely a static noise.

Of course White Noise signals are random signals (with unspecified distribution) with constant power spectrum equal to the variance. Or alternatively it can be defined as a random, uncorrelated signal. They are defined mathematically as a Noise vector with constant mean (usually assumed to be 0) and an autocorrelation matrix equal to the variance times the identity matrix.
A Gaussian signal is a random signal on the Normal (aka Gaussian) Distribution. So a Gaussian white noise is a Gaussian distributed White Noise Signal (or a Normally-distributed random, uncorrelated noise signal).

My point being, you shouldn't be unnecessarily pedantic about stuff you don't really know about. And you definitely shouldn't dredge up long dead threads to do it.


As far as GV being able to record calls. No, it can't.
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