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Hey folks, just to update i just spent 45 minutes on the phone with sprint. I need the air rave or my phone reception is horrible in my house. It is much better with verizon. I had the missed text issues..etc and it is due to sprint waiting on a software update from air rave. They do not know when it will happen. I unplug my air rave and all my texts come through after a while from earlier before.

I had them document everything, and the only answer is to cancel and leave sprint. Even they could not argue with me there. I will be selling my lte and leaving for verizon as soon as my iphone5 comes in the mail. I am hoping they see all my reported issues and cut me a little break on the cancelation fee when i make that call, but i am sure they dont care een though i have been a top rated customer for over 5 years.

Point is..unplug your air the issue to sprint..make them contact you when the software update is released. Good luck with your evos. It was a nice run, but i am more an iphone person (no flames please,it is just my preference).
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