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Originally Posted by dautley View Post
1. yes
2. no you won't receive (get pushed) the update on anything but .905, you can still manually do updates via HOB or FXZ back to .905 and wait for the update to be pushed.

It has been made very clear in many posts that you somehow MUST BE ON THE UPGRADE PATH (.905) to be able to receive OTA updates hence all the warnings on 235 and above. That's why I provided links for RSD and the .905 FXZ I will add a big red warning to the download links thread though.
So.... If I am on .905 now, make a nandroid, then get on one of the 'safe' ICE leaks (meaning I can get back to GB from it), when the OTA finally arrives, why wouldn't I be able to recover using my nandroid backup and be back 'on the path'? (Meaning back to GB .905)

Is that because nandroids are there to save your butt when flashing ROM's, but once you take the ICS leak path, you have changed too much "stuff" for using your nandroid backup to be able to get back?

(Kind of like using recovery discs from Windows 3.1 and expecting it to work on Windows 7)

If that's the case, why not just grab an ICS leak, not worry about a backup at all, and run with it? The only things I really wanted to do w/ root access was freeze bloatware. lol Custom ROM's do not call to me.

ICS does. Having a stable 4g w/o data drops does. lol Hell, even normal screen shot taking does.

Guess I'm just getting tired of waiting for the OTA (I know... like EVERYONE else isn't. )
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