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Let me give you a clue, there are technologies called telephones, cell phones, internet, videoconference, email, file sharing, etc. Romney is not a receptionist.

CEO's hire people that report to him. I agree, Romney is incompetent, as he needed $1.3 billion Federal subsidies plus Utah had to kick in for the Olympics . As a Registered Lobbyist, Romney did well in fleecing the taxpayers, but he has a history of that behavior.

McCain called for a Federal investigation for this pork-barrel project as a rip-off of the American taxpayers.

A President has a cabinet of 15, so by your judgment Romney can't handle this responsibility.

btw, you should read the article you cited.

"Romney apparently was trying to shield himself from charges by President Obama’s campaign that he had authority, tacit or otherwise, over Bain investments in companies that shipped jobs overseas. That is an argument being litigated over the course of the campaign, and comes while Romney has declined to release relevant tax returns and meeting minutes that might shed more light on the matter."
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