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Taking the iBolt dock back -- two reasons. First, and this is NOT the dock's fault, was hoping that using a dock would correct the problem with this POS phone in which it does NOT pair with my car BT most of the time. It did not -- and having the car app on the screen actually make for MORE work in trying to force this garbage phone to work! (note: my OLD HTC Dinc (1) paired without problems, so it's this phone).

Second, tried using the cable with the audio connector. Get a real LOUD, annoying buzzing sound and LOTS of static. Turning up the volume to actually hear the music and the phone calls doesn't help because that just turns up the buzzing and static.

Tried regular audio cable with phone connected to car Aux jack -- no buzz, no static.

Update: Discovered that this is a "common" problem with some mobile devices when both charging the device through USB and having the audio line connected. There are Ground Loop adapters that claim to remove this -- and I have ordered one. Will have to wait (probably a week) to see if that fixes this. Please note that, I did the same connections with my HTC Dinc (1) and did NOT get the Ground Loop problem.
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